Meet Les Rebelles

Photo credit: Bobby Bonsey Photography

Bourbon le Bon Temps :

Bourbon le Bon Temps

The bewitching, beguiling Bourbon Le Bon Temps earned the sobriquet "The Queen of Cartwheels" as she captivated the catacombs of her native Paris.  Every vice her pleasure, every pleasure her passion, the lady's gentler pursuits include drinking, smoking, gambling, and polishing her jewels.

Brooksie Brees :

Brooksie Brees

Brooksie Brees was born on a former plantation/turned hospital/turned white-collar prison along the Mighty Mississippi. As soon as she could walk, she RAN to the only city weird enough to understand her, New Orleans. She would wander the streets and play baseball with the boys until she was discovered by some nuns and dragged off to charm school to become a "lady."

Calamity Eights :

Calamity Eights

My dog ate my homework.

Cancan Colette :

Cancan Colette

When not tending to les bébés of l’hôpital pour enfants, Mademoiselle Colette spends her nights sipping savory cocktails and raising her skirt in a frenzy on the dance floor. While she calls La Nouvelle-Orléans her forever home, she indulges in thrilling trips to exotic lands. She always ends back up in her beloved Mid-City to be with Sophie, her regal King Charles Cavalier.

Circe St Claire :

Circe St Claire

Breaking away from her small town roots in the French village of Cote Blanche, Circe immersed herself in the counterculture of the beat scene in San Francisco. A rebel against the status quo, Circe joined a leftist movement that took her around the world - fighting for the rights of the poor and disenfranchised. She is all badass with a lot of sass!

Colonel Pippi :

Colonel Pippi

Colonel Pippi is the daughter of a USO performer and the king of a cannibal island. She carries herself with the same unique combo of fierceness and spunkiness as her true spirit animal, the tiny dog. When Colonel Pippi grows up, she would like to be a mermaid.

Confetti Bombshell :

Confetti Bombshell

Confetti Bombshell was summoned to New Orleans by the southeast winds following the great storm of 2005 to bring the smile back to our fair city. You might see her wandering down the old streets of the French Quarter, up the grand avenues of the Garden District, and through the waterways of Bayou St. John spreading love and spontaneous celebration in the form of sparkly confetti!

Doc Le Coeur :

Doc Le Coeur

Doc Le Coeur grew up a European Gypsy child who often hid out in libraries on cold nights, perusing texts on subjects such as ancient healing arts and world religions. During her adolescence, she discovered the Jewish belief that there is nothing so whole as a broken heart. She has since made it her life's work to make as many men "whole" as possible, breaking numerous hearts along the way.

Double Dee :

Double Dee

Double Dee is a Polynesian princess who loves to shake-n-bake with her friends. D.D.’s pastimes include sun worship, making music, and road tripping in her VW bus with her hubby and her cat… a little bit hippie, a little bit hip hop, Double Dee is all ReBelle.

Electric Sugar :

Electric Sugar

Here is Electric Sugar! Dropped down from a thundercloud, she has been raining her psychedelic sugar down on New Orleans for years. She can also make a mean spaghetti sauce and do your taxes!

Femme Natalia :

Femme Natalia

A troubled French child, Femme Natalia found solace in dancing, acrobatics and martial arts. Fluent in 8 languages, she soon started traveling the world teaching her skills. Now based in New Orleans and semi-retired from this crazy life, she enjoys costuming and spending time with her beloved husband who believes she is a French special agent who still gets called occasionally for special missions.

Fia Nyx :

Fia Nyx

Born into this life in the land of bourbon and horses, Fia Nyx was a fiery vixen from an early age. Weaned from her mother’s breast on a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, she soon spread her wings and danced down the Mississippi looking for a good time. She is known to scour the darkest corners of New Orleans, looking for like-minded souls to make the night a little brighter, often leaving a trail of dirt, glitter, and rhinestones in her fiery wake.

Ginger Snap :

Ginger Snap

The dangerously sweet Ginger Snap was created from all natural ingredients in Willy Wonka’s factory. Although known for her enduring patience and honey-like appeal, she will surprise you and snap like a whip of spicy attitude. Be sure to stay on her good side by bringing her cookies and asking her about her favorite movies - Edward Scissorhands and Kill Bill.

K La Boo :

K La Boo

K La Boo was found drifting over the swamp in Houma, Louisiana in search of something tasty to eat. She has since resettled into a shotgun with several musical instruments, too many cats, and more books than a single person should have. She loves glimpsing into the future even when it's so cloudy, it's the past.

Kikki Gi :

Kikki Gi

Born on the bayou, Kikki Gi got her kicks early in life entertaining at family gatherings; singing, dancing, and wrestling gators. The gators have since retired but she has moved to the "big" city, and still celebrates in singing and dancing. Laissez Le Bon Temps Le Coup Jambes!!!

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang :

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Kitty Kitty is a darling petite firecracker from parts unknown. This hellcat affects human sensibilities to the point of endowing the most wanton and ruthless acts of destruction with near-mythical overtones of charm. Not recommended for beginners.

Lola Flash :

Lola Flash

FLASH! AH AHH! She's a miracle! Queen of the impossible, Lola Flash can never fail. No one knows where she came from, but everyone knows her strength and perseverance are indestructible.

Luna La Fleur :

Luna La Fleur

Luna La Fleur hails from a magical moonlit lake in a sylvan woodland. When she's not frolicking with the fairies at midnight, she's swinging to the Charleston at mansion parties hosted by millionaires. Her favorite drink is champagne with St. Germaine, and she will never turn down a slice of wedding cake.

Malibu Ice :

Malibu Ice

Stop, collaborate, and listen… What's that sound?... It's Malibu Ice. Fire burning on the dance floor, she is Hot, Hot, Hot as the Malibu sun, cooler than being cool, and always has Carolina on her mind. Any way the wind blows, nothing seems to matter until she is dancing from the window to the wall. Rock On!

Paprika Dream :

Paprika Dream

Fleeing the political upheaval of the Balkan region, Princess Paprika Dream (36th in line for the throne) waltzed her way across Europe, stopping incognito in Paris to apprentice in kitchens of renown. She eventually made her way to New York, becoming a psychoanalyst and noted expert on all things foodie. Paprika’s wanderlust, and the paranoid fantasies of her Yugoslav assassin patient, brought her to the sultry town of New Orleans where she helps university students get their groove back and serves up goulash, palacinky and coq au vin.

Pepita La Fox :

Pepita La Fox

Somewhere in la Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a lady lived not long ago, one of those who has a lance and ancient shield on a shelf and keeps a skinny nag and a greyhound for racing... She is Pepita la Fox.

Peppermint Pony :

Peppermint Pony

Peppermint Pony is known amongst forest friends for her playful and gentle nature. Once spotted galloping far away lands, this creature now rests her hooves in her own Peppermint Kingdom. Care to visit? She keeps the kingdom doors open to those seeking both a hot 'n minty experience.

Petal Malone :

Petal Malone

Don’t let this California girl fool you with her sweet and innocent looks, because Petal Malone has a checkered past with ties to the Gambino family. Some say the florist shop she owns is a front for mobster activity... Her favorite drink? A martini— shaken, not stirred, of course.

PrinCec Vodka-Fraise :

PrinCec Vodka-Fraise

PrinCec Vodka-Fraise leapt from a small asteroid lost in space to share her pink-candy drink with the people in hot Louisiana. Be careful, the potion seems sweet, but its’ effects are crazy. You will have sparkles in your eyes, fire in your veins, and funky dance moves in your feet until the end of the night!

Pussy Askew :

Pussy Askew

Pussy Askew got picked up by a hoarding old cat lady on the streets of Treme' and was caged-in, feeding on some scraps and sleeping on a slew of dirty blankets in a room full of plastic bags of poop. But she wanted more than just a sheltered life of boredom and ordinary so she fled the prison with a penny and a pistol in her pocket. Some say she's undercover as a go-go dancer while others say she's just a homeless dreamer who was once institutionalized as she purred and prowled throughout the gloomy nights… either way, she's cattywampuss.

Raven Tresses :

Raven Tresses

Raven Tresses is as dark and mysterious as her jet black hair and there’s a lot of secrets behind those piercing black eyes. There is one thing this New Orleans girl is not secretive about - as much as she loves her hometown, she left her heart in Memphis, where her love of Elvis reigns supreme! Her love of song and dance obviously comes from years of watching the King swing those hips while belting out those tunes!

Red Velvet :

Red Velvet

Red Velvet developed her love for dancing at an early age from her mother who was a Russian ballerina that defected to the United States. Growing up in her father's Irish pub, Velvet enjoyed entertaining the customers with her little musicals. She also got her father's fighting spirit, so if you're looking for some sugar, watch might get the stick across the jaw!

Sassy Sparkles :

Sassy Sparkles

Sassy Sparkles enjoys spreading the sparkle around the Big Easy....from her happy go lucky attitude, to her effervescent smile...but watch out....she'll sometimes throw out a side of sass with that sparkle.

Vespa Calderone :

Vespa Calderone

Vespa Calderone is fresh off the boat from Palermo! From stomping grapes in the rustic hills of Sicily to men’s hearts in the sultry Crescent City, she will win you over with her charm and leave you thirsty for more. Always prepared to go to the mattresses, Vespa dazzles the mafiosi with her dimples while gathering intel for il Padrino and living la duci vita. Â saluti, amici!

Zelda :


Zelda is the daughter of Count Stanniswald Ashkenazy, a Viennese immigrant, and his French-Irish scullery maid Molly Adele. They eloped to New Orleans, where Zelda grew up in a shuttered Bayou Road mansion dancing to the phonograph and her mother’s accordion. When she absolutely must stop dancing, she dons her schoolmarm spectacles and teaches the children of New Orleans the finer arts of critical discernment.

Zydee CoCo :

Zydee CoCo

Zydee CoCo grew up in south Louisiana bayous where French is not a second language. When she hears a fiddle, accordion or just a "tee-fer" she can't help swinging and sashaying her derriere from "fais do do" to "fais do do."